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Our Vision

ADNJ aims to build a strong tie between Africans and African descendants in Japan and support the Japanese community by creating a sustainable inter-cultural bridge between Africa and Japan to promote mutual business partnerships.  

Our Mission

  • Bring together Africans and African descendants in Japan by supporting individuals and African organizations to make an impact as one strong community.
  • Bring both Japanese and African communities closer through clear and deeper intercultural  understanding activities.
  • Support Japanese communities to build trustworthy business relationships with African countries with a reliable network and database.

Our Values

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Honor & Loyalty


A glimpse into our work

What We Do

  • Building Networks
  • Building Awareness
  • Building Business

Creating a Unique Platform for African-Japanese Activities

We work as liaison to facilitate an open communication between Africa and Japan through our unique platforms, where members and interested personnel can discuss and collaborate to strengthen socio-economic relations between African and African descendants and Japanese people. Read more about our journey through the ADNJ Foundation Meetings

Increasing Awareness About Africa in Japan

We work to increase awareness between Japan and Africa to build business relationships. Our work is focused on inter-cultural communication and to strengthen ties between the Africa and Japan. Read more about our efforts to bridge the gap through Discover Africa and Discover Africa Food with Kitchen SAWASAWA

Business Matching and Expansion for Japanese Companies in Africa

Our aim is to build economic ties between Japan and Africa by expanding Japanese business to African nations. We focus on bringing SMEs to the continent, and facilitate companies in the transition. Read more about how ADNJ recognizes efforts in building businesses through the ADNJ Award

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