Nsenda Lukumwena

Dr. Nsenda Lukumwena



Dr. Nsenda is an Architecture/Engineering Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is an Urban Planner and Designer Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, Graduate School of Information Technology, Kobe Institute of Information Technology (KIC)

Advisor, Honorary Consulate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Kobe. Co-founder of NPO GA (DR CONGO). Board member of NGO SESCO. Founder of NPO Africlean and Africa Meets Kansai. To contribute to the reconstruction and development of the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries, he promotes awareness-raising projects related to the improvement of food, clothing, and housing environments, information provision, and research projects that promote information disclosure, human resource development, and support projects, with the aim of raising awareness of global standards of ethics and creating a healthy, prosperous society.