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There is no better way to learn than to experience!

Go To Africa program is set to guide Japanese companies or individuals to visit Africa to understand better the current situation and the opportunities. More specifically, we will organize business tours for companies and sightseeing packages for individuals who are interested in visiting any African countries. This will be conducted in collaboration with our business network in Africa and tour organizations. Individuals’ visitors and families could also stay in African families ‘’Africa Homestay’’ to learn more about the culture and interact more with the local community. For each Go To Africa program, we will conduct a survey to select 2-3 countries to visit for a span of 1 – 3 weeks

  • Discover African Business, Culture and CuisineGo To Africa will help you learn more about business and personal relations in Africa
  • Homestays with African FamiliesLearn the local cuisine and lifestyle to help build your brand
  • Build International Businesses in PersonIncrease your chances of expanding by meeting your clients and partners in person

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